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    Bridging Cultures (Representation of Minorities in English and American Literature)

    Kategori: Yabancı Dilde Kitaplar

    Sayfa: 216

    ISBN: 978-605-196-780-6

    Boyut: 13,5x21,5

    Kağıt: 2. Hamur

    Yazar: Tuba Baykara (Editör), Ercan Kaçmaz (Editör)

    Our ethnicity, religion, skin color or cultural values are the primary factors that make us who we are and our perceptions are re-shaped on the basis of our differences. Being 'WE or THEY' is essentially based on differences rather than similarities since societal norms are always there to challenge us. Literature presents the most liberated medium for us to express ourselves. The minorities who are pushed to confined spaces within the dominant culture try to make their voices heard through fiction. This book aims to give voice to the silenced who are seen as the dark faces of society. Representation of minorities such as Blacks, Muslims, Women or Disabled People in American and English Literature is the main concern of this book.

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